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    When it comes to battery holder design, don’t just flip a coin

    September 12, 2016

    screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-1-44-57-pmElectronic design challenges come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors when it comes to the Internet of Things. That’s because end markets like security, surveillance, healthcare, transportation, and product safety, all have unique requirements for systems development.

    Not all design challenges are this lofty however, but no matter. The art of design is about mastering detail, often to the nth degree, sometimes in strange places, often using new technology.

    Case in point: the ubiquitous coin-sized batteries, and their holders, now widely used to power everything from RFID tags, to toll tags, Bluetooth receivers, bank security tokens, and smart locks for hotels and home automation.

    Many designers and parts specifiers have traditionally outsourced these types of sub-assemblies to subcontractors or other third parties. Even today there’s still a temptation to take design shortcuts by tapping into alternate parts sources, and sometimes, unwittingly, at your peril, ending up with counterfeit parts.

    When it comes to battery packaging, listen to trusted sources, like the inventor of the coin-sized battery holder, Memory Products Devices. What you’ll learn is that like anything, even the humble battery holder can be “dumbed down” by short-sighted procurement practices.

    The result? Under extreme conditions, your mission critical IoT system may undergo catastrophic failure triggered by a physical deformity of a battery-and-holder assembly, or the sudden loss of electrical connectivity because of pitting or other failures induced through sub-prime metals and plastic parts.

    Before you power another circuit with a coin-sized battery, get the inside story on battery holder design and procurement best practices. Read “Don’t Let Battery Holders Disconnect Your System Supply Chain.”