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    Renesas is back and building a comprehensive ADAS ecosystem around its automotive SoCs

    Working with 195 technology partners from carmakers to embedded design houses

    By Majeed Ahmad | May 3, 2017

    Renesas, once the top automotive chip supplier, toppled from its perch after the killer Japanese earthquake in 2011 severely crippled production; in Semicast Research’s 2016 ranking it’s been relegated to third place after NXP and Infineon, both of whom have buttressed their positions through acquisitions.

    But Renesas is still the largest supplier of automotive processors. And, now, it has snapped up Intersil to complement its processor offerings with analog and power building blocks essential for smart and functionally-safe car designs.

    What Renesas is doing right now is assembling an ecosystem around ADAS and automated driving designs. And, its R-Car SoCs are at the heart of the autonomy-computing platform that is aiming to facilitate a highly autonomous driving experience.

    A wide range of technologies is necessary to sense the environment, control the vehicle, and conduct synchronized communications with the cloud. Renesas claims its autonomy platform enables automotive system manufacturers to build a full range of ADAS and automated driving designs.

    The autonomy platform allows designers to select the most suitable IP cores, including hardware accelerators. Renesas also provides designers with evaluation and software development kits to accelerate the creation of ADAS and automated driving applications.

    Take, for instance, the ADAS view solution kit, which supports up to eight cameras for enabling electronic mirrors, driver monitoring, and surround view systems. It also includes the R-Car Starter Kit Premier that simplifies work in open-source automotive Linux environments and helps engineers tackle specialized areas such as HMI and image recognition.

    The Renesas autonomy platform boasts 195 technology partners that range from carmakers to software developers to embedded design houses.