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    Nothing grounds you faster than bad battery design

    Fire video

    This video made the FAA nervous enough to issue a warning

    As frequently noted here, bad battery design can bring down the Internet of Things or any critical, sensor-based system that relies on internal power to supply DC voltage to circuits. A bum battery can even ground your flight.

    After photos were published this week of a burned and melted Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset, the FAA advised passengers ‘don’t turn it on, don’t charge it, don’t pack it in your luggage.’

    The Battery Chronicles and other recent articles about battery systems underscore the critical nature and urgency of better battery design – especially, noted by Quartz, for a growing class consumers who want to stay connected to their always-on mobile devices, even at 30,000 feet.




    FAA on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Don’t turn it on, don’t charge it, don’t pack it in your luggage

    Airplane mode just won’t do for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

    Samsung announced a global recall of the smartphones last week, after photos were published of a burned and melted handset.

    The US Federal Aviation Administration is starting to worry. On Thursday (Sept. 8) the FAA advised passengers not to turn on or charge the smartphones while on board an airplane. Don’t stow them in checked baggage either, the FAA said.

    But the FAA stopped short of banning the South Korean electronics-makers’ phone outright. Airlines have yet to issue their own guidance. Several carriers have banned hoverboards, fearing similar fires.

    FAA Statement on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Devices

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