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    IoT, chip design services drive India technology acquisitions


    The Internet of Things is a powerful driver of semiconductor and electronic design technology. It’s also a powerful business driver, which these days means consolidation, merger, and acquisition for many old-line, and new, chip makers.

    The same inexorable forces behind consolidation in the chip business are also at work in the third-party semiconductor and VLSI design sector – otherwise know as the design outsource business.

    India, especially Bangalore, is a growing source of VLSI and advanced system design, especially in the industrial Internet of things market, which is what’s behind a series of reported acquisitions by MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd.


    MosChip acquires three companies in semiconductor and IoT space – Livemint

    Hyderabad: MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd, a Hyderabad-based semiconductor design service company, on Monday said it has signed final agreements for the acquisition of three companies as part of its growth plans in the semiconductor design and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as to expand its client base in the North America, the European Union, and Asia-Pacific regions.

    The acquired companies include—ElitePLUS Semiconductor Technologies Pvt. Ltd, and Orange Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd, both located in Bangalore as well as Pune-based Maven Systems.

    Moschip didn’t disclose financial details of the acquisition, but said to fund the acquisitions and additional working capital requirements, the company obtained board approval to raise an additional Rs.41.25 crore ($6.15 million) by issuing shares and warrants to Techwave Pte. Ltd.

    “The three acquisitions will help MosChip to increase the company’s global headcount to more than 250 experienced engineers across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, London and US,” Moschip said in a statement.

    MosChip said it plans to add another 150-200 engineers across all locations.

    The company said the latest acquisition will allow it to increase its sales by 10 times in the current financial year.

    Moschip is a semiconductor design services company with knowledge on competencies ranging from ASIC/SoC/FPGA Design, Embedded Software and System Designs catering to the Defence, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Telecommunications, Mobile and IoT industries.

    Author: Viswanath Pilla

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