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    Keep the power on with the right battery holder design

    September 15, 2016

    The tiniest parts in electronic systems need extra scrutiny these days.

    The reason is that the Internet of Things is creating important new uses for all kinds of small sub-assemblies, like the battery holders that house millions of coin-sized Li-Ion batteries packs in often-remote IoT network nodes everywhere.

    Until recently, these tiny assemblies went largely unnoticed, but today coin batteries are being used in everything from RFID tags, to toll tags, Bluetooth receivers, bank security tokens, and smart locks for hotels and home automation, where they provide critical power.

    As a result, these ubiquitous assemblies are also becoming an important part of the IotT supply chain, and no one knows this better than Memory Products Devices, inventor of the coin-sized battery holder which advises these best procurement practices:

    • Always check documentation for rigorous environmental and vibration testing and standards conformance

    • Avoid counterfeits by conforming that the holder has proper identification markings

    • Perform a simple visual test looking for excessive flashing or contact discoloration, both red flags.

    • If contacts are gold, they should be bright gold: if nickel, highly polished.

    • Pull on the contacts to see that they return to their original position; if contacts are twisted in any way, find another supplier.

    Get the complete inside story on battery holder design and procurement best practices. Read “Select the Right Battery Holder For Successful IoT System Designs”