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    How a hashtag created a community

    screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-3-46-58-pmIsis Anchalee is a software engineer at Uber.  A year ago she was featured in a recruitment poster. That’s when she shared the tweet that gave birth to #iLookLikeAnEngineer. Soon, things took off.

    #iLookLikeAnEngineer made it into Google’s Year in Search compilation:

    An Indiegogo campaign raised $47,285, which was 133% of goal, for an #ILookLikeAnEngineer billboard.

    Scott Kelly tweeted it from space. The White House noticed.

    Fighting stereotypes in tech by sharing photos is now a thing. A good thing.


    #iLookLikeAnEngineer: One Year Later — Startup Grind — Medium

    #iLookLikeAnEngineer: One Year Later

    Today I have all the feels.
    A year and some change ago I was asked to participate in a BART station recruiting campaign as a software engineer for OneLogin…
    Today in particular, marks the exact date one year ago when I shared the tweet that gave birth to #iLookLikeAnEngineer. Never in a million years would I have guessed that one year later people would still be proudly sharing the hashtag and using it as a source for building community.
    Because it developed a life of its own, I’m not even aware of the entirety of the extent that it has reached(while Googling I even saw an #iLookLikeAnEngineer event in Munich Germany etc.).
    So, I’d like to share some of the highlights that have been very special to me:
    When 250k+ beautiful people shared their stories:

    More: here