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    HERE and the autonomous car’s mapping labyrinth

    Jointly owned by Audi, BMW, and Daimler

    By Majeed Ahmad | May 3, 2017


    The near-real-time updates offered by HERE’s cloud service make vehicles better aware of the roadside conditions.

    While Intel’s acquisition of ADAS specialist Mobileye in March 2017 won a lot of media limelight, another technology deal signed by the world’s biggest chipmaker largely went unnoticed. A couple of months ago, in January 2017, Intel had announced it was buying 15 percent stake in digital mapping outfit HERE.

    HERE, a provider of digital maps and location services, jointly owned by Audi, BMW, and Daimler, is currently measuring nearly 30,000 street miles each week to create high-definition (HD) maps for the autonomous car and IoT applications.

    Vehicles are generating a massive amount of data that companies like HERE are able to gather from ADAS cameras, radars and other sensors, and then create HD maps that are highly accurate and up-to-date.

    And this rich digital mapping data is what The New York Times calls a critical piece of the puzzle in the commercial realization of autonomous cars. Case in point is the HERE Open Location Platform that facilitates the ingestion and processing of raw sensor data.

    Then it furnishes this data into real-time location information for automotive and other industries. The next one is the HERE HD Live Map, a real-time cloud service that detects changes in the real world and adjusts accordingly for automated vehicles.

    HERE is remaking the world in 3D to allow vehicles navigate the streets safely and efficiently. However, the near-real-time data and its digitization is a massive undertaking and will require a number of strategic partnerships. And HERE is doing just that these days.