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Nitin Dahad

Nitin Dahad is editor of The Next Silicon Valley. A long-time consultant and adviser in the electronics, semiconductors and wireless industry for over 25 years, he’s worked in various roles throughout his career with large corporations as well as start-ups globally – particularly the UK, US and India. 


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    The Next Silicon Valley

    The rise of the corporate accelerator: the new R&D?

    By Nitin Dahad | October 31, 2015

    Corporate accelerators have secured a foothold in the UK and Europe and appear destined to play a role in the future of the region’s research and development practices.

    Speaking at a recent accelerator event in London, Danny Bartlett, head of communications for Wayra UK, Telefónica’s startup accelerator, noted, “We believe corporate acceleration is a normal evolution within the ecosystem.

    The Next Silicon Valley

    While the IoT gets personal, what happens to data security?

    By Nitin Dahad | October 15, 2015

    • While the IoT gets personal, what happens to data security?It seems that it is now possible to connect almost anything, and monitor or measure almost anything. At the recent IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, a key message was that the value of IoT is not just in the connectedness but in the value of that data and the interpretation of that data. We asked Adrian Caceres, CTO, VP engineering & co-founder of Ayla Networks, who was on a European roadshow, to give his verdict on one aspect of this – what happens to the data, who owns it, and do we have any control over it?

    The Next Silicon Valley

    Can India become an innovation superpower?

    By Nitin Dahad | October 9, 2015

    Can India become an innovation superpower?Last month (September 2015) saw a wave of euphoria about India as the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited and wooed the who’s who of Silicon Valley. He seemed to have rock star status as many of the CEOs of Silicon Valley tried to jump on the India bandwagon to raise their profile among India’s 1.2 billion plus population. But on a serious note, is all this interest going to translate into something bigger, in terms of triggering an innovation ecosystem that enables India to become a new digital superpower?

    The Next Silicon Valley

    Innovation: not just ideas in a lab, it’s now open and collaborative

    By Nitin Dahad | September 18, 2015

    The term ‘innovation’ has become so common in daily language that it is easy for policymakers to forget what it actually means as it covers so many different aspects of the economic growth agenda.  In the past innovation might have been about ground-breaking new research, technology, or processes developed in a lab where engineers or scientists sat in a well-partitioned division that focused on ‘blue-sky’ thinking.

    The Next Silicon Valley

    Broadcast innovation: is TV facing up to the Internet era?

    By Nitin Dahad | September 11, 2015

    A perspective from the first day at IBC 2015, Amsterdam

    In almost every industry, technology is playing what many like to call a ‘disruptive’ role. This was very apparent at the keynote sessions on the opening day of the broadcast industry convention, IBC 2015, in Amsterdam this week.

    With the convergence of broadcast, software and telecoms, the conference explored ‘The Future of Media in an Age of Disruption’, looking at some of the business disruptors, and examined how the industry can seize the new opportunities being created by the explosive growth in the consumption of TV and video content on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

    The Next Silicon Valley

    Internet of Things study: investment boosts revenues

    By Nitin Dahad | August 5, 2015

    Internet of Things study: investment boosts revenuesA major new global study looking at the impact of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies across a wide range of industry sectors around the world, found that companies investing in IoT are reporting significant revenue increases as a result of IoT initiatives, with an average increase of 15.6 percent in 2014. Almost one in ten (9 percent) saw a rise of at least 30 percent in revenue.

    The Next Silicon Valley

    Millennials lead WEF Technology Pioneers 2015

    By Nitin Dahad | August 5, 2015

    US millennial entrepreneurs lead WEF Technology Pioneers 2015The latest report from the World Economic Forum says the USA still leads the list of its annual Technology Pioneers list, due largely to its entrepreneurs with millennial mindsets, availability of large domestic markets, and access to venture capital funding. Its list of tech pioneers consists of 49 companies from 10 countries.

    Its main conclusion is that entrepreneurs are using their ‘millennial mindset’ and the record amount of venture capital available to address challenges in fields such as medtech, fintech, digital security and energy.

    The Next Silicon Valley

    Broadcast innovation to take center stage at IBC 2015

    By Nitin Dahad | August 5, 2015

    Broadcast innovation and collaboration to take center stage at IBC 2015Part of the secret of successful innovation involves collaborative efforts, and this will be recognized in the broadcast industry at the forthcoming IBC 2015 Innovation Awards in Amsterdam. The awards will recognize projects which have involved real collaboration between suppliers and users, and have solved a real challenge in content creation, content management and content delivery.