What does ContentWalla do?

ContentWalla provides content and brand marketing solutions that span the following activities:

  • Defining and executing on custom content strategies to support your marketing objectives;
  • Aggregating “on-demand audiences” for your content message using a combination of interest, behavioral and contextual targeting;
  • Engaging the on-demand audience through channel-specific, “meta content” versions of source content;
  • Creating special interest “branded” communities or “knowledge hubs” as content marketing vehicles

We provide the missing piece in the content marketing puzzle: Measurable ROI
We focus on serving B2B technology marketers

What is ee(n)genious?

The “framework” for ContentWalla’s services is www.eengenious.com. We use this framework to host custom media platforms designed to engage special interest communities.

To demonstrate our capabilities we have created sample platforms on the ee(n)genious framework on a variety of topics that collectively track the convergent forces of technology, innovation and business as they reshape the social order, early in the 21st century. Examples: www.TheConnectedAutomobile.com; www.SmartWearableThings.com; www.SmartSensorZone.com; etc.

What is “Spotlight?”

The Spotlight program is designed to generate high-interest traffic, drawn from a variety of outreach channels, to a particular content “asset” on a sponsor’s web site. The program is “asset agnostic,” which means that we can generate traffic to any kind of content: editorial overviews, tutorials, white papers, application notes, reference designs, product details, even press releases. The Spotlight blog appears natively within the editorial scroll of a particular media platform on the ee(n)genious network and in many different versions each tuned to the constraints of individual outreach channels.

Central to the Spotlight program are the concepts of on-demand audiences and meta content.

What is “on-demand audience?”

For each Spotlight promotion we create a custom audience culled from social media, content discovery platforms, professional communities, “open” content platforms, and industry publications. The vehicles for outreach are blogs/articles, advertising (as sponsored posts and keywords), community and special – interest group discussions, “earned media,” retargeting, etc.
What is “meta content?”

Each outreach channel has particular constraints, both mechanical and “psychic,” on words, images and information density. All of these influence messaging strategy; messages need to be tuned to the each channel.

Our approach is first to create a “meta-content” theme, which distills the essence of the content message so that it can be (a) placed within a broader, timelier context to maximize appeal and to engage in community conversations: (b) “atomized” to fit the messaging constraints of each outreach channel, while retaining a consistent core of information.Meta content formats by outreach channels

Contact ContentWalla

For more information on our products and services, please contact:
Girish Mhatre
Principal Partner

You can also write to us at this address:
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