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    6 award winning personal tech products from CE NYC

    June 29, 2015

    smart battery_roost

    A number of award winning devices and new technologies emerged at CE Week in New York last week, the city’s largest consumer electronics showcase. Awards were presented to Seek Thermal for its Smartphone Thermal Imaging Camera, and finalists BodiMetrics for its Performance Monitor, and Roost, which showcased its Roost 9V Smart Battery for Smoke Alarms. Three tech innovations were recognized separately.

    Each of the devices recognized are noteworthy for their IoT-like smart phone connections and their novel application of advanced and evolving technologies for personal use.

    Roost’s smart battery, it has been widely reported, is said to bring connectivity and wireless control, via a smartphone app, to existing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. The battery lasts for five years.

    Roost’s mastery of high tech simplicity and smart design is showing up in a wide spectrum of products and applications today, the $299 Seek Thermal XR Camera being another good example.

    Seek offers consumers advanced thermal-imaging and mapping functions by attaching to a smart phone, with app download, to provide on-screen thermal imaging detection and mapping. The Thermal XR can pick up on a range of temperatures from minus 40 degrees F to 626 degrees F.

    Applications?  Spot heat-loss areas in your home.  Make absolutely sure your campfire is extinguished. Search-and-Rescue, the manufacturer suggests.

    Next, and on sale in Bloomingdales beginning in August, the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor is said to be the only device of its kind that measures “the most vital health metrics in just 20 seconds from the palm of your hand – and streams the info to a mobile app for sharing with family, trainers, or trusted advisors.”

    Captured vitals include: ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, temperature.the unit also captures steps, stride, calorie burn and Target Heart Zone “for optimal work outs and Heart Rate Variability and relaxation exercises to help reduce stress.”

    A number of startups also gained recognition at CE Week NYC, where early stage companies were given space to tell their stories at the event’s Innovation Zone. According to the organizers, these three companies emerged from the pack to receive CE Week Technovation Awards “for innovative execution of unique technological ideas,”:

    Perceptive Devices (winner), which offers control technology with both consumer and OEM applications that allows people with disabilities hands-free control of computers, tablets, phones, TVs, medical and industrial equipment, using facial expressions such as smiling.

    WindowLikr (finalist), an enterprise tool that maximizes audience engagement through touch-interactive mobile video. The Likr codec is a creative platform enabling marketers to provide consumers with immersive custom videos instead of static images, as they work their way more deeply into menu layers when seeking information on products and services. It uses a proprietary video encoder that creates an augmented video file with a hidden object map that is linked to, and the linked-to video file can then report click statistics to an analytics program.

    First Sign (finalist), a Bluetooth-based wearable security open ecosystem. Purchasers of the sensor-embedded device ($50) that can unobtrusively attach to a hair clip or headband subscribe for $5 a month to a service that automatically detects emergency or crime situations, alerts emergency contacts, and collects and documents audio and photo evidence (via the wearer’s smartphone camera) of the incident – in the case of a crime, to find, apprehend and help prosecute the perpetrator.